How to Perform Umrah Step by Step Guide in English

Important Instruction For Those Who Are Going To Perform Umrah:

It is significant to put on Ihram clothing at the station of Meeqat or before reaching there. But if you are travelling through an airplane and you have the stop-over in Jeddah and Jeddah, so Meeqat is left before it, thus, you must put on Ihram garments before boarding the airplane. Or you can also take Ihram with you into the airplane and change it during the travel before reaching the station of Meeqat. And if you have the chance, offer two rakat Nafil namaz, and then make the intention (niyyat) and recite Talbiyah. After putting on Ihram, the making of intention (niyyat) and reciting of Talbiyah can be delayed. This means you can wear Ihram before boarding the airplane and recite Talbiyah when reaching at the station of Meeqat or some time before reaching it. Keep in mind that once you recite Talbiyah and make the intention (niyyat), only in that conditions you will be entered into the state of Ihraam.

Prohibited Things In Ihraam For Both Males And Females:
After putting on Ihram, making intention (niyyat) and reciting Talbiyah, the followings things are forbidden:
  1. 1) To use perfumes or any kind of fragrance.
  2. 2) To clip nails properly.
  3. 3) To remove all unwanted hair from the body.
  4. 4) To cover the face and hand.
  5. 5) To indulge in marital relationship or any amorous talk.
  6. 6) To kill and hunt an animal.

Prohibited Things In Ihram For Males Only:
  1. 1) To wear stitched garments.
  2. 2) To cover the head with cap, or with any cloth etc.
  3. 3) To wear such shoes or slippers, which cover the middle bone of the upper part of the foot.

Makroohat Or Undesirable Things In Ihram:
  1. 1) To remove dirt from the body.
  2. 2) To use a comb.
  3. 3) To use soap.

Permitted Things In The Condition Of Ihram:
  1. 1) To take a bath, but do not use any scented soap.
  2. 2) To replace and wash the Ihram.

Visiting Masjid-Ul-Haraam:

Upon reaching Holy city Makkah, leave your belongings or luggages at your staying place or hotel and take some rest if it is essential for you, or else, perform ablution (wuzu) or ghusl and proceed to Holy Kaaba while reciting Talbiyah gracefully and also in a relaxed manner. Keep in mind the greatness of ALLAH Almighty and enter Masjid-ul-Haraam while entering your right foot first and reciting the supplication (dua) of entering a masjid.


When you have your first glance at the Holy Kaaba, pray about ALLAH'S greatness and then pray whatever you wish or desire in your own language as this is very special moment or time for the acceptance of the prayers (dua).

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