Hajj & Umrah Guide and Tips:

Hajj is the last pillar of Islam, and having the great importance in the life of a Muslim, every single Muslim desire to go to perform this religious duty, if he is able to do this, we are offering this opportunity to our Muslim brothers and sisters to go for the Hajj and Umrah as soon as possible by holding the cheapest and discounted flights or packages to Hajj and Umrah 2023.

You must have to take a proper guidance. We have formed a list for our respected customers that you must have to keep in mind during your travel. It would help you enough to stay away from the trouble and offers you a memorable journey.

Some most important things before departure: You should have an extra mobile phone with you, which must be sim free and accepts any sim card or not a restricted network, and do not make any phone lock on it.You can get sim cards easily there. Your luggage must be sturdy and contains a tag with your complete name address and telephone number also. The most needed items:

These are the things required at the time of the Umrah and Hajj, you must have to be familiar with the rules and regulation of Hajj and Umrah . Take first aid box with you, consisted into, some pain killers' tablets, injections and bandage etc. your first aid box must have the medicines of minor deceases. These are the necessary things required during the holy journey of Hajj and Umrah. We are the best travel agents for you, and providing 24/7 customer care services as well.

Few Tips Before Leaving For Umrah

What to Do During the Umrah

After the Umrah

Guide for What to Do In Madinah

1. The best times for visiting the Masjid-e-Nabwi or masjid of the Prophet (ALLAH bless him and give Him peace) are between 8 am and 9 am and after midnight.

Making Umrah and Hajj can be one of the most significant events in a Muslim's life. Though, one must not make the decision to go on 'Umrah or Hajj at the last minute. The planning of this sacred journey takes time and is a process within itself. Besides the financial aspects of the journey, a person needs to be ready for the journey from an Islamic point of view. This includes studying religion Islam, knowing what is obligatory and what is non-obligatory in the rituals and rites of 'Umrah and Hajj, and the development of a strong imaan (faith).