Feminine Veiling is Beneficial for Ladies

Feminine Veiling is Beneficial for Ladies

Feminine Veiling is an extremely important part of Islam and it shows the faith of a lady on Almighty Allah and it's an act of obeying the God. It's Almighty Allah, not human beings who asked ladies to cover themselves and if a lady is covering her body, she is actually obeying her God, not other human beings. Means, actually veiling is not something related to social pressure, it's something related to religion and piousness.

Protection of Women

The purpose of veiling or proper covering is to protect woman not to bother them or to impose unnecessary restrictions on them. Veiling is beneficial for ladies themselves and it's not a burden, but it's a blessing. Because due to wearing Hijab or veil, a woman can save themselves from several social threats which otherwise can cause a lot of harm to the ladies. Every Muslim woman should consider veil as a terrific blessing which is meant to protect her rather than considering it an unnecessary labor or something useless. A Muslim lady should have faith in Almighty Allah and she must admit that if Allah has chosen something for ladies, means it is really beneficial for the ladies and not harmful at all.

Respect for Women

Veiling or Hijab is a source of respect and honor for women. If a lady is wearing a veil, nobody will gaze at her because there is nothing visible to see. Lady is covered and obviously, no one can find a reason to keep gazing at the lady who has properly covered herself. Without any doubt, the lady in a veil is more respectful as compared to the nude women. Ladies should strive to live their lives with dignity and respect and covering themselves properly is surely a very good step in this regard.

Protection from Harassment

It is a proven fact that a woman who is wearing a Hijab or veil get much lesser attention from bad and vulgar men as compared to the ladies who are walking around with nudity. As a result, nude women have to face much-enhanced harassment from bad guys as compared to the decent ladies covered properly in a veil. Nowadays, a lot of ladies are complaining that they have a face a lot of harassment from men. For all those ladies, who want to get rid of such harassment, going for the option of wearing the veil or hijab is really a useful idea.

Contribution to the Society and Career Growth

Women who wear Hijab or veil can contribute more to the society and progress more in their career because when a woman is in proper covering, she is evaluated on the basis of her knowledge, skills, and capabilities rather than on the basis of her beauty, attraction, color complexion or physique. As a result, a veil or hijab makes a woman focus more on her knowledge and skills rather than solely concentrating on the beauty and attraction. Thus by focusing on professional skills and knowledge, a woman can contribute more to the society and achieve more success.

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